What’s a Pilates Ring or Magic Circle?

The Pilates Ring is one of the most versatile tools out there. A Pilates Ring is used to challenge multiple areas of the body, bringing classical Pilates philosophy to a fitness session that includes light resistance with portable tools.

Also known as the Windsor Ring, the Pilates Ring can be used to target the upper body, core or lower body. One popular activity is to work the ring with both arms, putting pressure inward from both sides. This activity can also be adapted to the lower body by placing the ring between the thighs, or lower legs and squeezing.

The primary benefit of the Pilates ring is that your body works on resistance training without grappling with heavy weights. A free weight exercise may pose more risk to muscle groups, where the Pilates ring has a low maximum resistance threshold and is less likely to result in injury.

This is probably why the ring is so popular for some forms of rehabilitation. It’s also good for users with a diminished capacity to respond to resistance, such as seniors. The flexibility of the Pilates ring provides a very specific level of challenge for users. That’s why you see many Pilates studios (including us) adapting this fitness tool in our sessions.

Image Source: Popsugar

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