Success Stories

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Daphne Bortunk

“The studio was a perfect fit for me. I like that the studio is cozy and that the classes are limited in size. The instructors are always walking amongst the students and helping to perfect their techniques. I appreciate the personalization that they offer, without it I wouldn’t know what to focus on in order to improve myself and get the optimum results out of my workout. The owners are a friendly group of women who are always helpful and always have smiles on their faces. It is a pleasure to come to class and be in such a warm and inviting environment, surrounded by nice people wanting to achieve success.” 

Jason Rosenhaus
“I find it imperative to start my day with a morning pilates workout at Pilates On The Beach. I walk in there early in the morning after not getting enough sleep and with a lot on my mind. One hour later, I feel great! After a tremendous workout, I walk out the door feeling invigorated, energized and ready to take on the world! The difference that one hour makes is incredible. My wife takes a daily pilates class as well and is always in a great mood after her class. No other exercise has ever made me feel healthier or made my wife look better! The instructors always give me personal attention to make sure that my technique, resistance and movement is precise and proper. The environment there is always positive, happy and without distraction which is quite remarkable considering the strenuous workout the instructors put everyone through. The instructors are the best!”
Andrea Gollin
“I credit my success to Pilates on the Beach and the great instructors with keeping me focused and motivated to keep coming to class. The instructors are incredible, the classes are challenging but small enough for the instructors to help participants modify to their level, and the studios are extremely professional, well-run, and well-maintained, with a very convenient online system for signing up for classes. I am so thankful that I found Pilates on the Beach”
Miriam Weiss
This Pilates studio has the best teachers and the best vibe!! If you like Pilates you'll love Pilates on the Beach!!
Courtney Williams

The instructors are always very welcoming and help you modify to your liking. I love the challenge every class I come to!

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