Postnatal and Prenatal Pilates

There are many changes women go through during pregnancy and postpartum that cause big changes to the entire body. Due to the dramatic changes to the body, we decided to develop our special prenatal and postnatal Pilates classes. Pilates is ideal for mothers and expecting mothers because Pilates improves your imbalance and posture while also toning and strengthening your muscles. Whether you’re still carrying your precious cargo or you’ve just become a new mom, we have developed unique Pilates routines for our prenatal and postnatal clients.

Prenatal Pilates

With our prenatal clients, we use Pilates to help prepare your body for pregnancy. Pilates keeps your abdominal and pelvic muscles toned and strong. We also spend time in Pilates classes to help you focus on keeping your breathing regular for relaxation and also to help with pain management.

Postnatal Pilates

With our postnatal clients, we use Pilates to help busy new moms get your pre-pregnancy bodies back faster. With a range of Pilates classes to suit everyone up to the newest mothers, we have your needs covered. We also offer Pilates techniques to speed up your recovery following the delivery.

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