Fitness Bloggers You Must Follow

We’re always on Instagram finding inspiration, motivation, advice, new ideas, and more. These inspiring fitness girls are all putting out beautiful and positive messages into the world and we’re here for it. From ballerinas to yogis to celebrity trainers, these healthy girls show off their best on Instagram, encouraging us all to improve our fitness and health. Follow along and get your dose of fitness inspiration you need.

1. Emily Skye from @emilyskyefit
This girl founded the F.I.T. (Fitness Inspiration Transformation) program – an internet diet and exercise program. Full of how-to workout videos, stylish workout gear and to-die-for abs that will make you want to start training, stat.

2. Faya from @fitnessontoast
This Swedish fitness blogger combines fashion, health and fitness. She definitely works out in style and shares both healthy recipes and workout plans along her photos. She’s even debuting her first book, Fit in 3: The Scandi Plan, for offline guidance and motivation.

3. Anna Victoria from @annavictoria
Anna is the creator of The Fit Body Guides, in her feed you’ll find countless appetizing healthy foods, motivational quotes, and many fit mirror selfie. The best part? She shares before-and-after photos of women who’ve taken her 12-week training guide and seen tremendous results!

4. Cassey Ho from @blogilates
Cassey is the creator behind POP Pilates, with 1.3 million followers, to date, Cassey shares many Pilates tips and poses around the world. She also shares before-and-after photos of girls that undergo her PIIT28 program, which is an online Pilates workout program.

5. Mary Helen Bowers from @balletbeautiful
Mary was the ballerina who trained Natalie Portman for her role on Black Swan. Her feed is filled with beautiful ballet photos and short ballet fitness videos. She is also the creator behind Ballet Beautiful, a set of DVDs to train like a professional ballerina and reach lean, flexible, muscles.

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