Mistakes to Avoid in Your Pilates Class

To take full advantages of a Pilates class, it’s important to remember that form matters. Unfortunately, form mistakes (which everyone is guilty of at some point!) negate the purpose of the exercise. Form mistakes also allow opportunities for injuries to occur. That’s why you might hear us repeating ourselves, […]

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How to Start Meal Prepping

It’s harder than ever to have time to cook all your meals. Between, work, errands, school, and exercise, finding time to stay home and cook an entire meal seems almost like a dream. That’s why many are recurring to meal prep, as a way of saving money and taking […]

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The Importance of Good Posture

How many times have you heard that you need to sit up straight? However, the science behind it shows that good posture affects your body more than you think! Good posture means distributing the force of gravity through our body in balance so that no area is over-stressed. Here […]

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What to Know Before You Buy a Resistance Band

Exercise bands, also known as resistance, stretch, workout, or flex bands, have been around for decades but are becoming more popular. Mat Pilates usually includes them to create resistance and improve certain workout moves. Similarly to the bands on a Pilates Reformer, the extra resistance from the exercise bands […]

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Two girls are exercising pilates using pilates device reformer

What NOT to Wear to a Pilates Class

Most Pilates studios are casual, and Pilates on the Beach is no exception! But you might want to consider wearing certain things for your next Pilates class. We think that what to wear and not to wear certainly depends on the person and that dictating strict dress codes takes […]

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Dos and Don’ts For Your First Pilates Class

Signing up for your first Pilates class might be intimidating. You may be brimming with questions, unclear of what class entails, and unsure whether you will even like it! Over the past years, Pilates has increased its popularity and nowadays many celebrities and athletes include it on their workout […]

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