5 Reasons to Book a Pilates Private Session

Whether you’re new to Pilates or you are a seasoned veteran, everyone can benefit from a one-on- one session with one of our experienced instructors. These are just a few ways a private Pilates lesson can help you tune-up your fitness routine and tap into your physical health for peak performance:

1. Personal attention

In a private class, you’ll be able to learn your body like never before! You might have muscular imbalances, postural problems or functional performance issues that you may not even be aware of. In a private setting, our instructors’ attention is 100% focused on you, your body, and your movements.

2. Customization

Besides personal attention, in a private session you can customize the workout to fill your needs and goals. Whatever the case may be, your instructor will work with you directly to set a convenient schedule and workout to make progress towards your goals in each session. Our pro athletes in particular find this incredibly valuable in improving their game.

3. Proper form

Pilates is meant to be performed in a controlled, precise way. Group classes usually include variation of classic Pilates movement. With a private session, you can brush up on the basics of these movements, so you can apply this knowledge to your group classes and get even more out of your time in class.

4. Injuries and health issues

If you suffer from an injury or a chronic health issue that limits your physical capabilities or your ability to participate in group classes, private lessons are the best way to maintain a workout that is both safe and effective. Private Pilates sessions are especially recommended for those who suffer from back pain, so the instructor can work out especial movements that help ease the pain and align the spine.

5. Lingo

Sitz bones? C-curve? …what? There are a few terms thrown around in group classes that may be new to you. A private session will help you familiarize with the terminology so you can make the most out of your class when your instructor asks you to zip your inner thighs together and find your Pilates V.

Book a Private Session with any of our seasoned trainers here, and get to work!

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